Ed Whittingham Ed Whittingham

Executive Director, Pembina Institute

Ed Whittingham is the Executive Director of the Pembina Institute, Canada’s leading energy and environment research organization. Pembina aims to advance sustainable energy solutions through research, advocacy and consulting, through 55 staff in seven offices across Canada working on a $5 million annual budget. In September 2011 Ed was named to Canada’s 2012 Clean50 list, which honours 50 outstanding contributors to sustainable development and clean capitalism in Canada.

From 2005 to 2010 Ed directed Pembina’s consulting program, through which he has led a variety of stakeholder, policy and technical analysis projects around sustainable energy production and consumption. These projects have been for provincial and federal government departments and corporate clients in energy, energy services, utilities, pipelines, financial services, pulp and paper and real property. He also regularly assists Pembina’s policy research projects in areas around sustainable transportation policies, clean electricity, carbon capture and storage and heavy oil extraction.

Follow Ed Whittingham on Twitter @EdWhittingham.

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