David Deyell David Deyell

Senior Partner, Elements Network Inc.

David Deyell has more than 35 years experience (i.e. 4 years in government, 17 years with a large pipeline company, 14 years as a EHS consultant) in Environmental Protection Management, Regulatory Compliance, Contaminants Investigations, EHS Management Systems and Technology/Information Management related to Oil, Gas and Energy related industries.

He has a B.Sc. (Physical Geography) from University of Calgary 1977 and is an ECO Canada Environmental Professional.

David conducted numerous types of environmental assessments and management of environmental programs and projects  (i.e. Phase I, II & III ESAs, EIAs, spill/incident investigations, etc.) related to gas, oil and power facilities since 1985, mostly in Western Canada.

He has international experience with projects in the USA, Brazil, Iran and China.

Follow David Deyell on Twitter @deyelld.

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