Dave Baines Dave Baines

Senior Environmental Planner, Shell

Mr. Dave Baines has been with Shell for four years supporting the Carmon Creek Oilsands Project. In this role, Mr. Baines pushes Shell to improve environmental performance while working with external stakeholders and regulators to obtain environmental permits and social licence for new development. A key focus for this role is collaboration with First Nations stakeholders to ensure their perspectives and interests are respected. Prior to joining Shell, Mr. Baines played a key role developing environmental data collection protocols for the Cumulative Effects Monitoring Association in the Athabasca Oilsands. Mr Baines career has also included roles as a surficial geologist, a Mining Safety Manager, an Environmental Field Operations and Safety Manager, an environmental consultant, and a surficial geophysical consultant.

Mr. Baines is certified through ECO Canada as an Environmental Professional with a specialization in Environmental Management. He has an MSc and BSc (Hons) in Geography with specialization in Fluvial Geomorphology and Geophysics.

Mr. Baines is based in Calgary but works regularly in Peace River, Houston and New Orleans. Large portions of his earlier career were spent in Fort McMurray and Fort St John.

Mr. Baines is recently on a break from his 20 years as a Scout Leader.

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