Areni Kelleppan Areni Kelleppan

Executive Director, Green Calgary Association

Living sustainably in our homes, communities, workplaces and schools is a constant mantra for Green Calgary and for its Executive Director, Areni Kelleppan. She’s a strong proponent of everyone working together in small ways to make a significant collective impact on the health of our city and ultimately our planet. Having worked for both industry and for non profits over the past 2 decades, she knows firsthand, the inspiring and innovative things that can happen when the business and non profit sectors come together. For her, this event is an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with small and medium sized enterprises to collectively address issues around waste, water, and air and introduce a bit of innovation tonight! Having worked in Vancouver, the BC Interior, and Edmonton, she’s excited to bring a wealth of expertise in marketing, business planning, and sustainable operations management to the city she now gets to call home – Calgary.

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