Room Themes

Rooms and Speaker Themes


ROOM 1: Resource Management Challenges for the 21st Century
Effective resource management is a delicate balancing act between supporting industry growth and preserving vital natural resources—and environmental practitioners have a vital role to play in all of this. Join these sessions to explore the key trends that are shaping the resource management sector today and get a sneak peek at what the future holds.

Green Careers: Conservation Officer, Aboriginal Liaison, Land Use Planner, Ecologist, Restoration Biologist

ROOM 2: Clean Capitalism and Social Entrepreneurship
What is the sustainability tipping point? These sessions address this fascinating question with an in-depth look at new frontiers in clean capitalism, from leading eco entrepreneurs to innovative policy development and new market opportunities.

Green Careers: Sustainability Consultant, Environmental Lawyer, Climate Change Specialist, Environmental Policy Analyst, ISO 14000 Consultant

ROOM 3: The Alberta Energy Opportunity
Alberta is uniquely positioned to meet the world’s energy needs through innovative, environmentally-responsible means. Come to these sessions to see how Alberta’s industry leaders are rising to the challenge and integrating sustainable thinking into effective energy solutions.

Green Careers: Environmental Engineer, Energy Auditor, Clean Energy Researcher, Environmental Manager, Hydrogeologist


ROOM 4: Creating Sustainable Cities
For the first time in human history, over half of the world’s population live in cities. There has never been a better time to create sustainable, liveable urban spaces. Discover best practices, great ideas, and new opportunities in urban planning in these sessions.

Green Careers: Green Building Operations Manager, Industrial Designer, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Occupational Hygienist, Environmental Health Officer

ROOM 5: The Future of Environmental Employment
Environmental careers are one of the fastest growing employment areas in Canada: over 730,000 professionals currently work in the sector. Find out what it takes to start your environmental career and get ahead with these sessions on hiring trends, key career paths, and future green job trends.

Green Careers: All