About Green Jobs Forum

December 3, 2014
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, South Building
Doors open at 8:30 a.m. – FREE ADMISSION!

The Green Jobs Forum offers professionals, students and the general public an in-depth exploration of career options and industry trends in the ever-expanding Green Economy. Registration is not mandatory but does guarantee your seat. Space is limited; register now!



Be prepared to …

  • Discover environmental labour market trends, career paths and skills requirements
  • Learn about environmental best practices that can apply to all sectors
  • Connect with peers, thought-leaders and innovators

Be inspired and motivated in The Green Sector Rooms
Delegates will learn from insightful presentations and will interact with leaders and mentors in the private, public and non-profit sectors within the following green industry rooms:

  1. Resource Management Challenges for the 21st Century
  2. Blueprint for Clean Capitalism
  3. The Alberta Energy Opportunity
  4. Creating Sustainable Cities
  5. The Future of Environmental Employment

Engage and exchange in The Exhibit Hall
30+ organizations will be on hand to offer information about
 the variety of green jobs available with both private and not-for-profit organizations
Hands-On Help:
 how to build your skill sets and monopolize your presence in the green economy
Schools and Programs:
The latest possibilities for an environmental education
Volunteering and Networking:
Gain experience and connect with the green-collar workforce



Did you know the number of environmental professionals in Canada has increased tenfold over the past decade, yet only 25% of already employed professionals are casually or actively looking for new employment? With the second lowest unemployment rate in Canada, Alberta’s economy is in a unique position and organizations must find creative ways to find and attract professionals who might not be actively looking for jobs. A growing number of governments, businesses and consumers are committing themselves to conserving resources and reducing environmental impact, meaning green jobs are constantly emerging in areas where they wouldn’t have existed before.

It has become clear that we need to address the labour needs of the emerging green industry by preparing todays professionals with the knowledge to answer the skills gaps emerging for tomorrow’s jobs. We need to develop a workforce that can fill the new and existing jobs needed for a sustainable future.



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As experts on Canada’s environmental labour market, ECO Canada provides tools and resources to help you explore, find and advance your environmental career. Home to Canada’s largest environmental job board, ECO Canada also offers industry-led online training programs via the ECO Academy and administers the Environmental Professional (EP) certification. ECO Canada is committed to building the world’s leading environmental workforce.

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